Have Prius, Will Travel

Laurie and Larry David are an environmental power couple. Larry (pictured at right) stars in the funniest show on television, HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm (co-starring one of the couple’s signature Toyota Priuses). Laurie, a former comedy manager and talent coordinator for the David Letterman Show, now helps to produce powerful green films such as An Inconvenient Truth and Too Hot Not to Handle. Laurie talked to us about the little hybrid car that could.

Larry David on the set of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Do you and Larry usePriuses as your everyday cars, and what is your experience with them?

Yes, we both have Priuses. In fact, everyonewho works with us has one.The outside of our house looks like the parking lot ofa Prius dealership.The car is the best babe and dude magnet you can find.They drive great and you feel giddy every time you get out ofone because you know you have reduced your carbon dioxide emissions by half.

How did the Prius end up on Curb?

It ended up on the show becauseLarry likes to have things that are as familiar as possible to him there. He wears his own clothes, and it wasa natural next step that he would drive his real car.