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    As frightening as the IPCC's predictions are, we're not yet cooked. Congress can still protect us from climate change by passing a carbon tax now.

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Water Pollution: Why Are We Compromising Our H2O?
climate change / global warming / environmental Water pollution is an insidious threat to our health given the dependence of humans and all animals (including the ones we eat) on safe water supplies. Read More
Understanding The Global Oil Market
climate change / global warming / environmental Oil expert Dan Dicker discusses how supply, demand, and geopolitics are key to understanding the global oil market. Read More
Electric Vehicles: Choices Abound These Days
climate change / global warming / environmental New EVs from Audi, Volkwagen, Mini and others are giving Tesla some serious competition around the $35,000 price point. Read More
Air Quality at Home: 10 Ways to Purify Your Indoor Environment Naturally
climate change / global warming / environmental Air quality at home isn’t something we should take for granted, so use these tips to purify your indoor environment for yourself and for your family. Read More
Pathophysiology & the Spread of Misinformation
climate change / global warming / environmental The ease of posting to the internet makes it easy to stumble across untrue information that is harmful to health and environmental communities. Read More
Is Malaysia’s Building Boom Really Sustainable?
global warming / climate change Over the last few decades, the skyline of Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur has mushroomed. Is all this construction a good thing for the country and the world’s climate change woes? Read More
Plastic in the Ocean: Too Late To Fix?
climate change / global warming Dutch inventor Boyan Slat hopes his marine plastic collector will help solve the growing problem of too much plastic in the ocean. Read More

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